Attorney Spotlight: Alana Becker

Attorney Spotlight: Alana Becker

Who is Alana as an attorney?

Alana is an associate in our business law and property insurance litigation groups.

Alana is a new lawyer. She just graduated in 2021 and was sworn-in in June 2022. Her approach to law right now is to learn and grow every day. She is learning from every new task and experience and trying to take it all in while doing her best for her clients.

Why did Alana become a lawyer?

Alana’s aunt is an attorney in Chicago. She has always been a very successful and powerful woman and Alana was inspired by her. So Alana took a lot of writing and business classes and ended up going to law school.

What is Alana’s most memorable case?

She does not have one yet because she is so early in her career but stay tuned.

Who is Alana outside of work?

Outside of work, Alana loves hanging out with her family and friends. She also enjoys trying new restaurants, traveling, and hiking. She loves spending time with her dog and cats and just tries to enjoy life.

What is Alana’s legal tip?

Have everything in writing, even if it is just an email. If things are in writing it makes it easier to show exactly what was agreed upon. When you come to an agreement orally it is a lot more likely for disputes to arise later on.

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Attorney Spotlight: Alana Becker