Attorney Spotlight: Amanda Weber

Attorney Spotlight: Amanda Weber

Amanda Weber is an associate in our Elder Law and Trusts & Estate Planning groups. She has been practicing law for 4 years.

Why did Amanda choose to work at Rupp Pfalzgraf?

Amanda chose Rupp Pfalzgraf because she wanted to work with the best of the best. She was a part of the Rupp Pfalzgraf-Ingold Law merger, and it was one of the best decisions that she’s made so far in her career.

What type of work does Amanda find most rewarding in her practice?

Amanda finds it the most rewarding when she sees the relief on people’s faces when they come in at a time of crisis. When people can put a plan together and say, okay, we know what we’re doing in a severe time of need, usually when someone’s entering a nursing home. Trying to preserve assets and just getting a plan in place has been the main portion of what a lot of people need. So seeing the relief on those people’s faces has been wonderful for Amanda.

What is a fun fact about Amanda that people would be surprised to learn?

Amanda ran her undergrad college’s radio station for two years.

What is Amanda’s best legal tip?

Make sure any documents you need are in order. At the very least, power of attorney and healthcare proxy. Life comes at you fast, and you want to make sure that at the very least you have people in place who can help you in those times if for some reason you are unable to help yourself.

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