Attorney Spotlight: Anthony Campanella

Attorney Spotlight: Anthony Campanella

Who is Anthony as an attorney?

Tony is an associate in our property insurance litigation and business litigation groups.

As an attorney, Tony likes to be an aggressive litigator when necessary but he doesn’t always see aggression as the best option for a case. Tony looks at each matter individually and takes the appropriate approach.

Why did Tony become a lawyer?

Tony became a lawyer because he wanted to help people and be a strong advocate for others. He has always been somewhat of an argumentative person, his parents can attest to that. Because of this, Tony felt becoming an attorney would be a good fit.

What is Tony’s most memorable case?

He just became a lawyer 4 months ago so he does not have one yet.

Who is Tony outside of work?

Tony enjoys spending time with his friends. He loves to be outdoors. In the summer he enjoys bike riding and in the winter he enjoys snowboarding at Holiday Valley.

What is Tony’s legal tip?

If you are served with process make sure you make it a priority to contact a lawyer that week. A lot of times people will put the papers on their kitchen counter and forget about them. If you wait too long a default judgment can be put against you.

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Attorney Spotlight: Anthony Campanella