Attorney Spotlight: Arrianna Hart

Attorney Spotlight: Arrianna Hart

Who is Arrianna as an attorney?

Arrianna is an associate in our insurance defense and business litigation practice groups. As an attorney Arrianna is always open to learning. She is eager to help and ambitious.

Why did Arrianna become a lawyer?

Arrianna first took an interest in the law when she was a child. Her mom was a paralegal and occasionally Arrianna would take trips with her to the courthouse when she was dropping off documents to the attorneys she worked for. She took that interest in the law more seriously when she went to college and started participating in mock trials and moot courts. It was at that time that her decision to pursue law was solidified.

What is Arrianna’s most memorable case?

Right now Arrianna’s most memorable case is a contract dispute regarding a couple who hired a contractor to redo their kitchen but the work was never completed.

Who is Arrianna outside of work?

Arrianna loves to exercise. She does a lifestyle blog and she enjoys spending time with her friends.

What is Arrianna’s legal tip?

Document everything. The best thing you can do for your claim, or defense is to document everything.

“Have the receipts as the kids would say”

Arrianna Hart

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Attorney Spotlight: Arrianna Hart