Attorney Spotlight: Brandon Snyder

Attorney Spotlight: Brandon Snyder

Who is Brandon as a lawyer?

Brandon is an associate attorney. He practices in first-party insurance defense, subrogation, and commercial litigation. Brandon is still very early in his legal career. He has been an attorney since last April. Brandon prides himself on his ability to aggressively advocate for his clients and achieve the results they are looking for. No matter the type of client Brandon is ready to go to bat for them every day.

Why did Brandon become an attorney?

Brandon was a business major at Daemen University when he took a business law class his senior year. This class was what initially drew Brandon to the field of law. However, it was a paralegal class he took the next semester, taught by another Rupp Baase attorney, Marco Cercone, that made him truly consider law as a career path. That semester, Brandon started working at Rupp Baase. He continued to work here through law school and after.

What is Brandon’s most memorable case?

His most memorable case involved an insurance dispute where a party was not properly named on an insurance policy. The dispute has been goin on for many years, and is still on-going. What Brandon appreciates most about this case was the trust that the client had in him and also the the opportunity to argue on behalf of his client in many different capacities.

Who is Brandon outside of work?

Brandon’s interests all stem back to his competitive spirit. Brandon enjoys playing sports. He has been a vital part of our firm softball team for the past 5 years. He also enjoys a good game of pickup basketball. Brandon loves watching sports both on TV and in person. He frequently attends Buffalo Bills and Buffalo Sabres games.

Check out the video to learn more about Brandon including his legal tip.

Attorney Spotlight: Brandon Snyder