Attorney Spotlight: Caitlyn Shank

Attorney Spotlight: Caitlyn Shank

Who is Caitlyn as a lawyer?

Caitlyn is a partner in our family law practice. Caitlyn has been practicing law for the past 10 years. She is on the attorney for the children’s panel. Which means she is appointed by supreme and family court judges to represent children. She has practiced primarily in family and matrimonial law since she started in 2012.

Why did Caitlyn Shank become a lawyer?

Caitlyn always knew she wanted to be a lawyer. She also knew she wanted to work with children and families which made family law the obvious choice. What Caitlyn has loved most about family law over the past 10 years is that she works with so many different people. Children, moms, dads, husbands, wives, foster parents, grandparents, and more. She also enjoys that the job allows her to wear many different hats. There are times when she needs to be aggressive and litigate in a courtroom but also times that she needs to take a more collaborative approach to reach a settlement. She loves that being a family attorney keeps her on her toes because things are always changing and no two cases are the same.

What is Caitlyn’s most memorable case?

Caitlyn has a lot of memorable cases, you see a lot of unique things in family law. However her most memorable one was an adoption. She had been representing foster parents for a few years and it seemed as though the adoption was going to be finalized soon when COVID hit and halted everything. When the courts finally opened back up virtually Caitlyn was able to be a part of one of the first virtual adoptions. What makes it so memorable for her is that it was a celebration that people from all over the country were able to witness which wouldn’t have been possible without the virtual element.

Who is Caitlyn Shank outside of work?

First and foremost she is a mom. Caitlyn and her husband have two young children who keep them very busy. Caitlyn is also expecting a third child in the coming months. Caitlyn enjoys being outdoors and traveling in the warmer months and in the winter she enjoys hunkering down and watching some Buffalo Bills and Ohio State Buckeyes football.

What is Caitlyn’s legal tip?

Find an attorney you connect with. In the world of family law you work very closely with your attorney and often have to share information that you may not have even shared with your closest friends and family. It’s incredibly important to find an attorney that you trust and feel comfortable with.

Attorney Spotlight: Caitlyn Shank