Attorney Spotlight: Chad Davenport

Attorney Spotlight: Chad Davenport

Who is Chad as an attorney?

Chad is an associate attorney in our civil rights and business litigation practice groups. As an attorney, Chad is a great listener. He is often the first person his clients call when they have an issue. He’s a hard worker who always tries to achieve the best results for his clients. He’s tenacious in a courtroom. He is his client’s best advocate at any point during a legal proceeding.

Why did Chad become an attorney?

Chad had never considered going to law school until one of his friends told him about a program at the University at Buffalo that allowed its students to go to the University at Buffalo School of Law without taking the LSAT. After learning about this program Chad spoke with his uncle who was an attorney about the career and decided it might be a good fit for him.

What is Chad’s most memorable case?

Chad has many memorable cases but two stick out to him. The first being when he helped an engaged couple sue in order to have the wedding they wanted during COVID. This lawsuit gained national attention and founding partner, Tony Rupp spoke on CNN regarding it. The second memorable case Chad has is one involving a bounty hunter invading a buffalo home without a search warrant. This case also attracted media attention, and Tony Rupp spoke to Good Morning America.

Who is Chad outside of work?

Chad is a great friend, fiance, and son. He is a sports fanatic and can be found at a bar or on a couch with his friends whenever sports are happening. Chad likes to stay active. He enjoys working out, skiing, playing basketball, and golfing.

Check out the video to hear Chad’s legal tip. His tip is incredibly important if you believe you have a lawsuit against a municipality.

Attorney Spotlight: Chad Davenport