Attorney Spotlight: Chris Sasiadek

Attorney Spotlight: Chris Sasiadek

Who is Chris as a lawyer?

Chris is an associate in our property insurance litigation and antitrust groups.

As an attorney, Chris is a communicator and a listener.

Why did Chris become an attorney?

Chris previously worked in a congressional staff, primarily advocating for veterans and their families. Although Chris was able to get many positive outcomes for these families he realized there were certain things he could not do. He realized that becoming a lawyer would increase his ability to be an advocate.

What is Chris’ most memorable case?

His most memorable case involved someone riding a horse on a highway. The horse was unfortunately involved in an accident. What made this case so memorable to Chris was that he had to research laws regarding horses on highways and most of the laws were quite antiquated, dating back to the early 20th century.

Who is Chris outside of work?

Chris is on the Buffalo, and Erie County Library board of trustees. He is also a founder and partner of the Barrel Factory, a microdistillery in Buffalo. Chris enjoys spending time outdoors hiking with his wife, Tara, and dog, Tasha.

What is Chris’ legal tip?

Make sure you have adequate insurance. With houses increasing in value, what was enough coverage a few years ago might not be today.

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Attorney Spotlight: Chris Sasiadek