Attorney Spotlight: Connor Bucci

Attorney Spotlight: Connor Bucci

Who is Connor as an attorney?

Connor is an associate in our Rochester office. He practices insurance defense.

Connor graduated from Albany law school in 2022. Connor’s approach to law is to be very methodical.

Why did Connor become an attorney?

Connor decided to become an attorney because he really enjoys problem-solving. He has a natural ability to look at issues from many different angles.

What is Connor’s most memorable case?

Connor is still new. When he was still in law school he worked at a legal aid center. He did a lot of consumer debt defense there. His most memorable case was the first summary judgment motion that he won. It was for a woman who had her car repossessed.

Who is Connor outside of work?

Connor is really into classic cars. He has a 1930 Ford Model A that he loves working on and driving in the summer. The car keeps him very busy because it is old and therefore has a lot of problems with it. He enjoys that he is constantly learning with it.

What is Connor’s legal tip?

If you are a property owner and someone tells you about something dangerous on your property the best course of action is to fix it before it causes a lawsuit.

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Attorney Spotlight: Connor Bucci