Attorney Spotlight: Dan Sarzynski

Attorney Spotlight: Dan Sarzynski

Who is Dan as a lawyer?

Dan is a partner attorney at Rupp Baase. He is the leader of our banking and creditors’ rights and construction practice groups. Dan graduated from The University at Buffalo Law School in 1999. Right out of law school Dan took a job at a small firm in Rochester. After about two years he decided he wanted to return home to Buffalo. Around this time Rupp Baase was just beginning and they were looking for an associate attorney. Dan was lucky enough to get the job and has been a vital part of the company’s growth ever since. Dan enjoys getting involved in the organizations most relevant to his clients. He is a member of the CFMA, Construction Exchange of Buffalo & WNY, Inc., The Subcontractor’s Association of Western New York, TMA, and RMA. Dan enjoys being a part of these organizations because it gives him an opportunity to get to know the people in the industry but also it also keeps him up to date on the issues that are important in those industries.

Why did Dan become an attorney?

Dan does not remember exactly when he chose to become a lawyer. His dad was an attorney and Dan often saw how proud he was to practice law. Dan feels this probably influenced him somewhat to become an attorney. Then in college, Dan majored in History and French. Two fields that require a lot of reading and writing which he realized he greatly enjoyed. This realization led him to the law. Dan did not choose his practice groups. They chose him. His first job out of law school was in construction law and banking and creditors’ rights. It was during this time that Dan realized he enjoyed being able to help his clients make business decisions so he stuck with these two practice areas his entire career.

What was Dan’s most memorable case?

Dan’s most memorable case was one from early in his career. He had been practicing for about 5 years and was still an associate. The case was a bridge collapse in Utica with a lot of injuries. Dan represented one of the construction companies. What makes this case memorable for Dan is that it was a lot of traveling and court time, and a lot of injured people. Essentially it was a very large case. A large case that Dan won for his client. It is Dan’s most memorable case because it is the case that gave him confidence in his abilities to handle any size case.

Who is Dan outside of work?

Dan loves spending time with his wife and two teenage sons. His sons are very involved with sports so Dan spends a lot of time going to baseball and basketball games. Dan also enjoys traveling. When taking a family vacation he tries to pick a place where his family can go to a baseball or basketball game.

What is Dan’s legal tip?

“Get it in writing” While you may want to be able to trust everyone at their word it makes things a lot easier when there is a dispute if everything discussed is in writing.

Attorney Spotlight: Dan Sarzynski