Attorney Spotlight: Emily Spitzer

Attorney Spotlight: Emily Spitzer

Who is Emily as an attorney?

Emily is an associate who practices family law and immigration law. As a lawyer, Emily is a very creative problem solver. She prides herself on finding the most creative way to get her clients from point A to point B without so many detours. Emily has developed this strength through her own life experiences as well as her experiences in undergrad and law school. Emily went to University at Buffalo for undergrad. While there she dual majored in history and Spanish. She did a lot of studying abroad, mostly in South America. Emily went to law school at Case Western Reserve University. While there she did internships and externships on the border in Texas, Seattle, and Cleveland. These experiences working with people all over the world gave her the skills to navigate her client’s legal needs in a creative and efficient way.

Why did Emily become a lawyer?

Emily’s family always suggested that she become a lawyer. Probably because they were tired of her arguing. Emily has always been well-spoken and has always wanted to be right. She also has some family members who are attorneys. What really set her on her path to becoming a lawyer though started in grade school when she learned to speak Spanish. Being bilingual, it seemed like a natural progression for Emily to become an immigration lawyer. Her passion for immigration law only continued to grow as she went through undergrad and law school. And the rest is history.

What is Emily’s most memorable case?

Right after law school, Emily was selected for an immigration law fellowship with the immigrant justice corp. During this fellowship, she worked with children who immigrated to America without their parents. These cases were all memorable for Emily as they were in most cases a life or death situations. The one that stands out the most to Emily though is a case involving a deaf child. This child had come from a country with very few resources for the deaf. Emily was able to get her services in America so she could learn sign language and tell her story then Emily won her asylum so she could stay in America and attend school.

Who is Emily outside of work?

Outside of work Emily spends most of her time with her husband and her two big dogs. She also spends a lot of time with her family whom all live in Western New York. Emily enjoys going to Shea’s Performing Arts Center and trying out all the restaurants in the area. Emily enjoys being outdoors doing activities like hiking, camping, canoeing, and fishing. She also loves to cook, even after a long day at work you can find Emily in her kitchen whipping up something delicious for dinner.

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Attorney Spotlight: Emily Spitzer