Attorney Spotlight: Fredrick Cohen

Attorney Spotlight: Fredrick Cohen

Who is Fred as an attorney?

Fred is a partner of-counsel attorney who practices in healthcare law and health insurance.

As an attorney, Fred is a combination of an entrepreneur and a lifelong student. He likes new ideas and change but he also enjoys diving into a subject to try to become an expert.

Why did Fred become an attorney?

Truthfully, Fred never made an active decision to become a lawyer. His mom and her friend convinced him to take the LSAT and he did well. So his mom and her friend pushed him to apply for law schools and he was accepted at The University at Buffalo School of Law in 1966.

What is Fred’s most memorable case?

Fred’s most memorable cases were participating in the founding of Independent Health Associations and then helping the organization grow as general counsel for over 20 years. In his time there the organization grew to over 500,000 members.

Who is Fred outside of work?

First and foremost he is a husband and father. Fred has been married for 55 years. Fred is also a sportsman, he loves riding his bike and taking walks. He used to have a sailboat and a boat in the virgin islands as well.

What is Fred’s legal tip?

Fred’s tip came from a time when a client of his who hadn’t spoken to in a while called him up to read a contract for him. The contract was horrible. It made him pledge his house, his boat, and his income. The contract was very one-sided and needed to be negotiated. So Fred’s tip is to always read the contract.

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Attorney Spotlight: Fredrick Cohen