Attorney Spotlight: Gerald Whalen II

Attorney Spotlight: Gerald Whalen II

Who is Jerry as an attorney?

Jerry is an associate in our business law practice group.

Jerry attended SUNY Cortland for his undergraduate degree. He graduated from the University at Buffalo School of Law in 2016. Jerry practiced in-house for 4 years and has been in private practice for the past 3 years. His practice is primarily transactional though he has some experience in litigation and dispute resolution.

Why did Jerry become an attorney?

“As the son of an attorney and court clerk, some may say I never stood a chance otherwise” – Jerry Whalen

Jerry has always found the area of law to be fascinating because some of it can be very static, while other areas are dynamic. He also enjoys the prospect of spending his days helping people accomplish a goal or achieve a dream.

Who is Jerry outside of work?

Jerry is a former athlete who tries his best to remain active and in shape. He is an avid golfer (but not a good one). He has 2 pets at home: Chester, the cat, and Palmer, the mini Australian shepherd-poodle. Jerry likes to spend his time traveling with his fiancee and trying new restaurants. He is also an aspiring movie buff.

What is Jerry’s legal tip?

Jerry’s tip is for the lawyers. In the legal profession, given the formalities of the profession, it is very easy to treat things very clinically. However, it is imperative that attorneys remember they are dealing with people on the other end of the phone. It is important to empathize with what your clients are going through in order to effectively advocate for them.

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Attorney Spotlight: Gerald Whalen II