Attorney Spotlight: Jack Bargnesi

Attorney Spotlight: Jack Bargnesi

Who is Jack Bargnesi as an attorney?

Jack is an associate in our banking & creditors rights and real estate groups.

As an attorney, Jack is practical and efficient. When a client comes to him with a problem he identifies the issues early. He figures out what the client needs him to do, and then he does it.

Why did Jack become an attorney?

Jack decided to become a lawyer because he enjoys helping people. There is no better feeling for him than when a client comes to him and he closes the deal or resolves a case.

What is Jack’s most memorable case?

Jack’s most memorable case involved a vacant property with multiple mortgages on it.

Who is Jack outside of work?

Outside of work, Jack loves to spend time with his friends and family. He is a proud Buffalo Bills season ticket holder, so his Sundays are filled with the bills. He is also a property owner so he always has something going on there.

What is Jack’s legal tip?

If you own property other than your own personal residence, do not put it in your name. Protect yourself and your family by forming an LLC for those properties.

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Attorney Spotlight: Jack Bargnesi