Attorney Spotlight: Jill Roloff

Attorney Spotlight: Jill Roloff

Who is Jill as an Attorney?

Jill is an associate attorney in our insurance defense group. She also does some personal injury plaintiff work.

As a lawyer, Jill tries to get straight to the point. She hates dragging things out and is always trying to make things easier on everyone involved in the case from her clients to he co-counsel and even her opposing counsel.

Why did Jill become a lawyer?

Jill became a lawyer to honor her brother’s memory. When Jill was a senior in college her oldest brother was diagnosed with cancer. At the time of his diagnosis, he owned his own personal training company. As his physical condition deteriorated it became difficult to be a personal trainer so he decided to go to law school. He passed away before he was able to complete law school so Jill decided to go to law school in his memory.

What is Jill’s most memorable case?

Her most memorable case was her first summary jury trial. It was a car accident case and they were about to get a no-cause.

Who is Jill outside of work?

Jill has a passion for fitness and movement. She is an instructor at a yoga studio and a lagree fitness studio. She also loves spending time with her family and friends.

What is Jill’s legal tip?

Be patient with your attorney. Always feel comfortable calling and checking in on your case but know that lawyers have many cases going on at once and the legal process can be a prolonged one.

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Attorney Spotlight: Jill Roloff