Attorney Spotlight: Josh Roetzer

Attorney Spotlight: Josh Roetzer

Who is Josh as an attorney?

Josh is an associate in our corporate law group. He also practices banking and construction law.

As an attorney, Josh is very detailed oriented. His previous business experience allows him to better understand his business clients’ needs, how his services fit into their budget, and how he can better add value to their business. He prides himself on being a good partner for his clients.

Why did Josh become an attorney?

Josh became an attorney a little later in life than most. He was working in business development in an industry that was relatively new in terms of technology. There were a lot of investments, venture capital deals, private equity deals, mergers, and acquisitions going on. Seeing these deals going on fascinated Josh. he wanted to learn more about the mechanics of how the deals come together, the terms, how negotiations work, and more. This interest is ultimately what lead Josh to go to law school.

What is Josh’s most memorable case?

Josh is relatively new to law, he was just admitted in January. However, he is already working on a lot of transactions. These transactions are the type of deals he wanted to work on before he even started in law school so that is very fulfilling. Josh especially enjoys working with small and medium-sized businesses. Overall his most memorable cases so far have been the transactions that have closed.

Who is Josh outside of work?

Josh is engaged and will be getting married to his wonderful fiancee in October! He loves to play sports. Josh played lacrosse in college; now he coaches youth clinics and plays in a men’s league. He enjoys spending time with his friends and family. Like the rest of us in Western New York, he can’t for summer so he can spend more time outdoors.

What is Josh’s legal tip?

Even if you have a relatively small transaction it is important to engage your attorney as early as possible. This allows your attorney to prepare both parties and makes the process go a lot more smoothly.

To hear more from Josh Roetzer check out the video.

Attorney Spotlight: Josh Roetzer