Attorney Spotlight: Kevin Federation

Attorney Spotlight: Kevin Federation

Who is Kevin as an attorney?

Kevin is an associate in our Rochester office. He practices in insurance defense and business litigation.

As an attorney, Kevin likes to be an aggressive advocate at every stage of the case, and sometimes over every little issue in a case because you never know what information is going to be crucial later on.

Why did Kevin become an attorney?

Kevin always knew he wanted to be a lawyer. However after undergrad he took a job in an investment advisor firm and quickly realized he did not want to do that so within a few months he started applying to law school.

What is Kevin’s most memorable case?

His most memorable case was the first case where he was the second chair. It was in federal court and involved a law enforcement officer who used excessive force against Kevin’s client. They were able to get a unanimous defense verdict. Kevin love seeing the look on his client’s face when it happened, it really showed him why being a lawyer is so great.

Who is Kevin outside of work?

Outside of work, Kevin is a husband and has two dogs. He is the designated chef for his friends and family. He loves having people over to his house for parties and cookouts.

What is Kevin’s legal tip?

Kevin’s tip is for insurance companies. When you have a plaintiff’s attorney planning to file suit and they ask you to accept service of the summons and complaint on behalf of the insured. Please do not do that.

To hear more from Kevin check out the video.

Attorney Spotlight: Kevin Federation