Attorney Spotlight: Marco Cercone

Attorney Spotlight: Marco Cercone

Who is Marco Cercone?

Marco is a partner and the leader of the property litigation and antitrust practice groups and is also a commercial litigator.

As an attorney, Marco is aggressive, confident, trustworthy, and a problem-solver. To him, his job is to help fix the problems you are facing.

Why did Marco become a lawyer?

Marco has wanted to be a lawyer since he was a child. His pediatrician used to ask him about his grades and when he’d tell the doctor that his grades were good the pediatrician would say “Well then you are either going to be a doctor or a lawyer.” Marco does not like blood, so a doctor was out. What Marco likes most about being a lawyer is that every problem is unique and there are many different ways to confront a problem. Marco loves tackling these problems to get the best results for his clients.

What is Marco’s most memorable case?

Marco’s most memorable case was an arson case that was not only a civil case but a criminal one. He worked on the civil case but worked very closely with federal investigators and experts and both the criminal and civil cases in the fire were won so Marco and his team stopped an arsonist from profiting off of his bad act.

Who is Marco outside of work?

He is an avid Bills fan – a self-described “nut”. Marco is a family man, he has 3 children and a wonderful wife. He is also a man of faith. Marco believes that we were all put on this Earth to do good work.

What legal tip would Marco give?

Don’t sign anything until you have fully read it and understand it. Often times people sign their insurance policies without fully reading them and assume that they are covered for certain things when in fact they are not. Make sure you read it before signing it.

Attorney Spotlight: Marco Cercone