Attorney Spotlight: Matthew Lenhard

Attorney Spotlight: Matthew Lenhard

Who is Matt as an attorney?

Matt is the managing partner in our Rochester office and practices primarily in insurance defense.

As an attorney, Matt is an aggressive but fair litigator whom his opponents are not too happy to come across because he puts them through their paces. He is always trying to get the best result he can for his clients

Why did Matt become an attorney?

When Matt was 16, he was in a car accident and received a traffic ticket due to that accident. He went to court with his father, who is not a lawyer but was prepared to defend him. When they arrived the judge told his dad that since he wasn’t an attorney he had to be quiet, leaving Matt to, at the age of 16, cross-examine a state trooper and another driver. He lost horribly and did not want that to happen again so he decided to become a lawyer.

What is Matt’s most memorable case?

Matt’s most memorable case involved a car accident between a travel bus that was pulling back onto a highway and the semi-truck that hit it. Both vehicles burst into flames. Unfortunately the truck driver passed away and many of the people on the bus sued. Matt represented the truck driver and was able to win the trial.

Who is Matt outside of work?

Matt is a father of 3 children and 2 large golden retrievers. In the past few years, Matt has started taking drum lessons. It is something he truly enjoys and practices every day. He also regularly does yoga, and although he likes it considerably less, he feels it helps him greatly. Matt also loves to spend time on Keuka Lake with his family.

What is Matt’s legal tip?

If you think you may need an attorney call them sooner rather than later. Its is often more cost effective and a smoother process if you involve a lawyer early on.

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Attorney Spotlight: Matthew Lenhard