Attorney Spotlight: Matthew Withiam-Leitch

Attorney Spotlight: Matthew Withiam-Leitch

Who is Matt as an attorney?

Matt is an associate in our property insurance litigation group.

As an attorney, Matt enjoys strategizing. He looks into every case and takes a unique approach to each one. He is always working to do what he needs to in order to get the best results for his clients.

Why did Matt become an attorney?

Matt became a lawyer because as a child his family had a very important case. His dad was injured in an automobile accident. Through this case, Matt saw the good that lawyers can do and the impact they can have on others’ lives.

What is Matt’s most memorable case?

Recently he had an accident case that was pretty meritless but the opposing counsel did a good job of presenting the facts to make it seem like there was evidence against his client. But despite that, he was able to get the whole case dismissed within the first few months.

Who is Matt outside of work?

Matt enjoys being in the company of good people, specifically his parents, family members, and friends. He also plays hockey in an adult league on the weekends.

What is Matt’s legal tip?

Tell your lawyer everything. They want to help you but they cannot do that unless they know all of the facts.

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Attorney Spotlight: Matthew Withiam-Leitch