Attorney Spotlight: Michael Colletta

Attorney Spotlight: Michael Colletta

Who is Michael as a lawyer?

Michael is a partner attorney in our family law practice group. Michael takes a practical approach to the law choosing to avoid litigation whenever possible. When litigation is necessary he prefers to have a “roadmap” or an overall strategy to his litigation instead of just filing motion after motion.

Why did Michael become a lawyer?

Michael never planned to be a lawyer. He was always a history nerd. While majoring in history i college one of his professors suggested he would be a good candidate for law school. Michael taught history for a few years before giving law school a shot. While in law school Michael worked for a firm doing what he describes as “boring law” which consisted of working for institutions. He decided to go into family because it seemed interesting and it hasn’t disappointed him yet.

What is Michaels most memorable case?

Michael has many memorable cases.

Who is Michael outside of work?

Outside of law, Michael is happily married and a father to two boys. He is an avid runner and enjoys crossword puzzles and traveling. A fun fact about Michael is that he was on the people’s court.

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