Attorney Spotlight: Nichole Austin

Attorney Spotlight: Nichole Austin

Who is Nichole as an attorney?

Nichole is an associate in our Rochester office. She practices in commercial litigation & insurance defense.

As an attorney, Nichole tries to think outside of the box and be creative with every legal matter. She really wants to understand every aspect of the legal issues she handles to give her clients the best solution possible.

Why did Nichole become an attorney?

Nichole thinks she was just born to be an attorney. It fits well with her personality. Nichole loves the thrill of debate, problem-solving, and working with people to develop concrete solutions.

What is Nichole’s most memorable case?

Nichole’s most memorable case was an insurance defense case. It was a multiple-car chain reaction accident. She describes it as the type of case you might see in a law school textbook where each car did something different. There were a lot of issues with proximate cause and duty. The case went to the appellate division and Nichole argued the appeal. It was Nichole’s first appeal. She was up with 5 other attorneys. The case ended up going into arbitration and they ended up winning totally.

Who is Nichole outside of work?

Nichole is a funny person with a pretty normal life. She is a wife and a mother. She loves to spend the weekends with her son and with her family that lives in the area.

What is Nichole’s legal tip?

Nichole’s tip is for all the attorneys. Do not try to hide your weak points in your arguments. The judges know what the weak points are in your case so it is better to address them directly.

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Attorney Spotlight: Nichole Austin