Attorney Spotlight: Nolan Hale

Attorney Spotlight: Nolan Hale

Who is Nolan Hale as an attorney?

Nolan is an associate in our insurance defense practice group.

As an attorney, Nolan is a good listener, and he develops all the facts of the case so that he can better serve his clients. Nolan strives to put himself in the client’s shoes during every case and remember that every client has a family. He strives to always do his best work for his clients.

Why did Nolan become a lawyer?

Nolan originally wanted to be a physical therapist but he realized he did not love the science classes he was taking. This led him to take a law course and intern for a judge. He then knew that his passion was in the law. Today Nolan practices insurance defense and his science background helps him to better understand the injuries involved in a case.

What is Nolan’s most memorable case?

His most memorable case was one where his client was a local restaurant. The case ended up going to trial and Nolan got it dismissed. The clients then had him out to dinner at their restaurant and were so appreciative of the work he did.

Who is Nolan outside of work?

The three most important things in Nolan’s life are his family, friends, and the Buffalo Bills. Nolan grew up in Albany but his family had Bills season tickets so they would get up at 4 am on game days. Nolan also loves to cook with his fiancee and travel. His goal in life is to be happy.

Make sure to check out the full video for Nolan’s legal tip. This one is especially important if you own a small business.

Attorney Spotlight: Nolan Hale