Attorney Spotlight: Pia Perfetto

Attorney Spotlight: Pia Perfetto

Who is Pia as an attorney?

Pia is an associate in our business law practice group.

As a lawyer, Pia tries to approach each client and matter with curiosity and professionalism. She understands that at the end of the day the client has a goal they’d like to accomplish and that it is up to her to utilize her skills to make that happen. She emphasizes listening to the client and looking at the finer details that will ultimately be crucial to success.

Why did Pia become a lawyer?

Pia was first inspired to become an attorney because of her grandfather’s incredible stories about being in private practice and helping all of his clients. But also when Pia was making a decision about her career she really considered what she had an aptitude for. She had always been good at reading, writing, and speaking. Becoming a lawyer fit that skill set and so that is what she did.

What is Pia’s most memorable case?

Pia doesn’t really have one most memorable case just yet but she tries to have memorable moments with each client.

Who is Pia outside of work?

Pia loves to spend time with her family and friends. She enjoys cooking and traveling. She also likes being outdoors and doing activities like hiking.

What is Pia’s legal tip?

In any interaction you have where there could be some consequence or ramifications, it is always good to be detail-oriented. Take mental notes of the interactions you have and the circumstances you are witnessing. It could help you down the road.

To hear more from Pia check out the full video.

Attorney Spotlight: Pia Perfetto