Attorney Spotlight: Ricky Luthra

Attorney Spotlight: Ricky Luthra

Who is Ricky Luthra as an Attorney?

Ricky is an associate in our business law group. He specializes in mergers & acquisitions, business succession planning, and general contract review. Ricky’s approach to business law is to be a problem solver and take a practical approach. He looks at the clients’ goals and helps them evaluate risks to figure out the best approach to get them what they need for their business. That could be a transaction, a contract, or another matter. Ricky tries to get the deal done while protecting the business.

Why did Ricky become an attorney?

Ricky became a lawyer because he wanted to help people. His parents are both physicians, so it was instilled in him at a young age that a career helping people would be very rewarding. Ricky ultimately knew that medicine was not the right path for him. So instead he went to law school. While in law school he was exposed to business and corporate law, where he thought he found a fit. This was confirmed when he interned at PepsiCo and Madison Square Garden. Interning for these two massive companies showed Ricky how lawyers can align with the values of the business to help push the business forward. Ricky ultimately found a rewarding career where he helps others by supporting their businesses.

What is Ricky’s most memorable case?

Ricky’s most memorable cases are ones that involve working with professional sports teams. As an avid sports fan Ricky always enjoys when he can work with professional sports teams on things such as sponsorship deals.

Who is Ricky outside of work?

Outside of work, Ricky tries to spend his time relaxing and spending time with friends and family. He enjoys checking out the local restaurants here in Buffalo. Some of his favorites are Hutch’s Restaurant, Oliver’s Restaurant, and JT’s Buffalo. Ricky is a big sports fan. Ricky attends a lot of Buffalo Bills games. He also loves going to concerts and comedy shows.

Check out the video to see Ricky’s legal tip.

Attorney Spotlight: Ricky Luthra