Attorney Spotlight: RJ McDonald

Attorney Spotlight: RJ McDonald

Who is RJ as an attorney?

RJ is an associate in our insurance defense and property insurance litigation groups.

RJ has been an attorney for about a year and a half, he graduated law school during COVID and spent his first year as an attorney working remotely. He is thrilled to be back working in person now. As a young lawyer, RJ is still learning about who he is as an attorney and we are excited to see him continue to grow.

Why did RJ become an attorney?

RJ decided to become a lawyer because he has always viewed himself as a problem solver. He takes any situation he is given and thinks “how do I fix this?” He saw being an attorney as a great way to put that skill to use. RJ has always had a competitive spirit. This part of his personality allows him to be a great advocate for his clients.

What is RJ’s most memorable case?

RJ’s most memorable case is one he first worked on as a law clerk. It started with a damaged house in 2008 and is still ongoing. This case left an impression on RJ not only because it has been going on for over a decade but also because the opposing party had fired 3 previous attorneys and was representing herself.

Who is RJ outside of work?

Outside of work RJ enjoys sports and being outside. In the summer, RJ golfs and in the winter he enjoys skiing and snowboarding. RJ has always loved playing video games. He also likes to watch documentaries or read about history, specifically military history.

What is RJ’s legal tip?

Do not lie on an insurance application, it will come back to haunt you.

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Attorney Spotlight: RJ McDonald