Attorney Spotlight: Samuel Yellen

Attorney Spotlight: Samuel Yellen

Who is Sam as an attorney?

Sam Yellen is an associate in our commercial litigation and civil rights groups.

Sam started his career as a prosecutor in the Bronx County District Attorney’s office. He was assistant district attorney for almost 6 years. He practiced in the appeals bureau and the civil litigation bureau.

Why did Sam become an attorney?

Sam became an attorney because he wanted to help people. He enjoys using his academic skill, and interest in research to help others solve real-world problems.

What is Sam’s most memorable case?

Sam’s most memorable case is one that went to the court of appeals which is New York’s highest court. What makes this case stand out is that he got to argue why the law should be a certain way. It allowed him to take more of a “big picture” perspective on how the court should rule instead of merely sticking to precedent.

Who is Sam outside of work?

Outside of work, Sam enjoys cooking, riding his bike, going to the farmers market, and running. He even ran two half marathons during the pandemic.

What is Sam’s legal tip?

If you think you might need to call a lawyer, you probably do.

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Attorney Spotlight: Samuel Yellen