Attorney Spotlight: Young Woo Kim

Attorney Spotlight: Young Woo Kim

Who is Young as an attorney?

Young is an associate in our business litigation and civil rights practice groups.

Young has had a very fascinating path to get to Rupp Pfalzgraf. Young is South Korean and has spent much time in countries worldwide. Young attended Durham University in the United Kingdom for law school, he also received a master’s degree while in the U.K. When considering where he would practice law he thought about the United States, specifically New York, due to the versatility of the legal field and market size in the state. Young came to Buffalo 3 years ago to take the Bar Exam and then joined Rupp Pfalzgraf a year ago.

Why did Young become an attorney?

Young became a lawyer because he wanted to help people. He also enjoys arguing. One of the things he found enticing about a legal career is how versatile it is. Lawyers navigate conflict, either by trying to resolve or prevent it. Because conflicts are in every aspect of life, there are many areas of law you can practice.

Who is Young outside of work?

Young is an avid adventurer. He loves hiking, road trips, and exploring new areas. Young was a PADI scuba diving master and he flies gliders. He loves trying new things in his free time.

What is Young’s legal tip?

Reach out to a lawyer. Both when you have a legal issue and when you have just an everyday business issue. Many people don’t reach out to a lawyer because they view it as cost-prohibitive but many times the information you will get from a lawyer about business issues can help prevent further expenses.

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Attorney Spotlight: Young Woo Kim