Buffalo Games our client and friend going strong!

David Pfalzgraf - Buffalo Games - Nagendra Raina - Industry Experts - Business Law - Rupp Baase - People at Law
Rupp Baase managing partner, David Pfalzgraf tours the Buffalo Games warehouse with President Nagendra Raina.

Buffalo Games had been in business for 30+ years. Just like our firm, the company has grown rapidly since their opening. Today they are an industry leader in puzzles, games, arts and crafts, sensory & educational toys. We are so proud of our client and friend Nagendra Raina and his team for all their innovation, hard work and continued success during the COVID-19 pandemic.

When the pandemic locked people inside, Buffalo Games saw an unprecedented spike in demand for its puzzles. But just as demand was taking off, the company’s Buffalo, NY factory was shut down under New York State COVID-19 mandate. As the largest manufacturer of puzzles in North America, the company had to get creative. First, the company sourced from overseas and then ramped up manufacturing stateside when the factory was able to reopen in May. Since May, the company has doubled production, now making 2 million puzzles a month. Business Insider visits the factory to see how Buffalo Games did it.

Click here to watch a feature from Business Insider on what goes into making 2 million puzzles a month in Buffalo NY.