Complimentary Webinar Pivot to Telehealth Visits

The COVID-19 pandemic has brought about huge changes in the medical industry. One of these changes is a shift to telehealth. What will this shift in care mean for physicians and healthcare plans?

Complimentary Webinar Pivot to Telehealth Visits - Jamie Batt - Fred Cohen - Rupp Baase - People at Law

Join partner attorneys, Jamie Batt and Fred Cohen as Rupp Baase hosts a complimentary webinar Wednesday, June 24th 12:30pm-1:30pm with a panel of healthcare professionals to discuss what is really happening:

  • To the physicians and professionals who provide telehealth care?
  • To the patients that are treated using telehealth?
  • To the health plans that finance telehealth care?


Thomas Maher, CEO, Practicefirst

Practicefirst is an industry leader in revenue cycle management, providing medical billing, coding, credentialing and full-service practice management solutions to healthcare organizations across the Northeast

Dr. Robert Gatewood, MD, Cardiologist, Buffalo Medical Group

BMG continues to provide innovative patient care as one of the oldest and largest physician-directed group practices in New York State.

Eric Linzer, CEO, New York Health Plan Associates, Inc.

HPA’s member plans provide the health care coverage for more than eight million New Yorkers.

Register Here. A link will be sent to you after registration. We hope you choose to join us for this informational session on the future of healthcare.