Dan Sarzynski on Navigating the Construction Projects During COVID-19 Crisis

Dan Sarzynski on Navigating the Construction Projects During COVID-19 Crisis - Construction Law - Rupp Baase - People at law

Do you have questions about how COVID-19 will affect your construction business? Construction law and partner attorney, Dan Sarzynski along with Drew Miller from Webster Szanyi provided an informative webinar on the topic of “Navigating Construction Projects during the COVID-19 Crisis” on Thursday, April 30th, 2021 for the Construction Exchange.

Before the Coronavirus pandemic hit the world, Buffalo’s renaissance was full speed ahead, but now what?  The following topics are incredibly important to understand for construction owners in the days and months ahead. The future of your construction projects depends on it.

Essential vs. Non-Essential Construction
Penalties for Violating Executive Orders
Force Majeure and the Doctrine of Impracticability
Termination of Contracts
Cancellation of Material Orders
Contractual Penalties
Delay and Re-Mobilization Costs
Article 3-A: Proper Use of Construction Trust Funds

If you missed this webinar you could be missing some crucial information on new laws and regulations and how to manage your construction business in this new COVID-19 world. Our construction law team is always happy to help explain these topics. The world of construction is changing quickly and will continue to change due to the pandemic. If you have any questions or concerns regarding your construction business please do not hesitate to contact us.

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