Dave Pfalzgraf and Ben Burge on The Trusted Partner Podcast

Dave Pfalzgraf and Ben Burge on The Trusted Partner Podcast - Rupp Pfalzgraf - Business Law - People at Law

In a recent episode of “The Trusted Partner” podcast, Dave Pfalzgraf and Ben Burge engaged in a discussion on business law with Jesse Cramer and Gabe Chodak of Cobblestone Capital Advisors. Topics like the appropriate timing for hiring a lawyer, key factors to consider during succession planning, the significance of having a reliable team of advisors, among others, were thoroughly examined.

Show Notes:

Jesse and Gabe sit down with David Pfalzgraf and Ben Burge, attorneys, and partners at Rupp Pfalzgraf in Buffalo. David and Ben share their expertise and stories from decades of corporate and business law, including:

– Why do businesses need attorneys in the first place?

– How to best protect business assets

– When should you form an official business?

– When should a business engage with an attorney?

– How to prepare for mergers, acquisitions, and successions?

– The true costs of operating a business

– Questions that more businesses should be asking, and the most common questions they’re hearing right now.

Welcome to The Trusted Partner Podcast, where Cobblestone’s Jesse Cramer and Gabe Chodak lead entertaining conversations with experts from the fields of financial planning and investment management.

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