Episode 4 of Empire State Entrepreneurs: Sharon Cryan of FoodNerd

Empire State Entrepreneurs: NY Business Law - Rupp Pfalzgraf

Episode 4 of Empire State Entrepreneurs: NY Business Law, is out now! This episode, host and managing partner David Pfalzgraf speaks with Sharon Cryan, the innovative founder of FoodNerd. FoodNerd is transforming children’s snacks with nutrient-dense options that encourage healthy habits from a young age. Sharon’s mission is to revolutionize children’s diets today and in the future.

Sharon shares her journey growing up in Buffalo’s food production sector and how she was introduced to her career path from a young age. She discusses how her law studies intersected with politics and her commitment to advocating for the voiceless. David and Sharon explore the origins of Food Nerd, her innovative approach to redefining children’s snacks, and the strategies that make the products affordable and accessible.

Episode 4 of Empire State Entrepreneurs is an essential listen for those interested in entrepreneurship, making positive changes in the health of our community’s youth, and innovative business practices. Don’t miss Sharon and Dave’s conversation and valuable advice for business leaders!

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