Meet the team that helps families navigate NYS’s new surrogacy laws.

Members of our Business Law team, like Jamie Batt are joining with members of our Family Law team, Beth DiPirro and Keli Iles-Hernandz to create a fertility law practice to work with people who are navigating the rollercoaster ride of surrogacy as the NYS laws change.

The laws for surrogacy in New York are changing in 2021 to become more progressive and reflective of modern reproductive needs.

Paid gestational surrogacy in the state is currently banned, but that will be lifted Feb. 15. The change came via the Child-Parent Security Act that was signed in April by Gov. Andrew Cuomo.

Until the change, only non-paid surrogacy is legal in the state, but people have utilized paid-surrogacy options outside New York.

“New York residents won’t have to go out of state unless it just so happens that their surrogate lives in a different state in order for a contract to be enforceable,” said Jamie Batt, partner at Rupp Baase Pfalzgraf Cunningham LLC in Buffalo.

Batt and three colleagues at the firm – partner Elizabeth DiPirro and associate Keli Iles-Hernandez – have formed a special practice group to assist couples or single parents who need guidance with the legal end of the process.

“The law now enables us when we create a contract to outline the rights and obligations of all of those who are going to participate in the creation of the new life,” said DiPirro. “It will outline the rights of the intended parents and the gestational carrier.”

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