New York Forward: The 4 Phases of Business Re-Openings

New York Forward: The 4 Phases of Business Re-Openings

The four-phase New York plan to reopen businesses, “New York Forward” (the “Plan”), is underway, with Phase Two of the Plan commencing in Western New York (“WNY”) on June 2nd and in several other NYS regions on May 29th.  This alert sets forth: (i) the regions approved for Phase Two reopenings; (ii) the industries covered by Phase Two of the Plan; (iii) the mandatory safety guidelines that apply to Phase Two industries; and (iv) where to find information on best practices and additional safety guidance.

Western New York is expected to move to Phase 2 tomorrow and we expect that to happen. We have the data that we’ve been tabulating during Phase 1 in Western New York, all the data looks very good. We’re going to have the global experts go through today. I want to make sure we’re not missing anything. This is new for all of us. It’s not what county executives do. It’s not what governors do. This is very detailed research of statistics, what clusters might pop up, etc. So, we also have global experts review all the data for us because this question of closing, opening, countries have gone through this before. There is a body of knowledge to know. And where we also go to global experts who we’ve enlisted who have gone through this with other countries where they close, they opened, they got into trouble, they had to close again. But, they’re looking at it now. We want to make sure they get the latest data. We’ll have a final announcement later this afternoon for Western New York, but the conversations I’ve had with them are all good and we expect Western New York to go to Phase 2 tomorrow.

Governor Cuomo

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