Partner Cory Weber Litigator and Brewmaster

When Buffalo Law Journal editor, Patrick Connelly decided to find out what local attorneys do when they are out of the office he uncovered the story of how partner Cory Weber and his wife Caitlin brew their own beer, eight different kinds of beer.

Attorney Cory Weber and his wife had unique wedding favors when they married in 2015.

Weber, partner at Rupp Baase Pfalzgraf Cunningham LLC, and Caitlin Weber began brewing beer together when they started dating. They have since perfected eight beers, some seasonal, that they make from scratch.

“We have really worked on the recipes over the years,” he said.

Each summer, they brew a wheat beer that has a hint of citrus. In the fall, they create a batch of Oktoberfest-style pumpkin spice beer. There’s another spiced beer they brew in the winter months and, among others, an India pale ale that is made year-round.

The original cherry wheat and blueberry beers they concocted as beginners, though, hold a special place in their hearts.

“We took that beer and brewed a few more batches of that when we got married and made that as our wedding favors,” Weber said. “That was a big hit at the wedding.”

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