Phillip Oswald is Representing Albany Residents in Long-Overdue Environmental Class Action Lawsuit

Attorney Phillip Oswald filed a complaint on behalf of the residents of the Saratoga Sites housing complex in Cohoes, NY, who feel their health has been harmed by the fugitive dust emissions from Norlite. The class action lawsuit seeks monetary relief and measures to monitor, and potentially stop, the emissions, as well as monitor residents’ health.

“The residents here have a right to a clean, fresh, and livable environment regardless of race and regardless of income,” Oswald said at a press conference on Friday. “And that is a fundamental right, that is what this case is about. This is a long-overdue case.”

The complaint alleges that emissions from the plant’s burning are coming into the surrounding communities and that those emissions contain hazardous particulates, crystalline silica quartz, and glass, thereby exposing people to health risks and damaging their property, Oswald said.

The class action lawsuit case includes evidence from first-hand observations of many residents and members of the state’s Department of Environmental Conservation, a microscopic analysis of the dust particles coming from Norlite, as well as statements by Norlite and Tradebee, Norlite’s parent company, about the hazardous nature of the dust, Oswald said.

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