Unlock your practice's potential

Unlock your practice's potential

Veterinary Law & Ethics

Veterinary Law and Ethics


In the field of veterinary medicine, Rupp Pfalzgraf’s Veterinary Law and Ethics attorneys lead with decades of experience and insight, offering comprehensive legal support tailored to the evolving needs of veterinary practices nationwide. Our dedication to veterinary advocacy and commitment to excellence ensures that your practice is well-equipped to navigate the complexities of modern-day veterinary medicine while remaining compliant with the intricate web of laws, rules and regulations governing the profession.

We are uniquely qualified to craft and execute robust and creative business strategies.   Our extensive nation-wide mergers & acquisitions experience allows us to serve as a strategic advisor to veterinary practices in this stage of their business life cycle, as we have successfully closed transactions with virtually every aggregator in the market.  From employment agreements, to real estate transactions, and litigation when necessary, our team offers comprehensive legal solutions to address every facet of your veterinary practice’s journey. Whether you’re establishing a new clinic, merging with an existing practice, selling to a corporate buyer, or simply looking to retire, our collaborative approach provides you with the strategic guidance and support needed to achieve your goals efficiently and cost effectively.

Frank Muggia has 35 years of experience dedicated to the veterinary profession.  With a deep understanding of the changing legal landscape over many decades, we assist veterinarians, veterinary practices, and animal care professionals in developing solid business plans, buying or selling a practice, ensuring regulatory compliance, and navigating workforce management issues.

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