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Taylor Kent

The mindset that, “every problem has a solution” guides my approach to the practice of law. In a rapidly evolving and sometimes spiraling world, individuals are in desperate need of a fighter in their corner who is willing to adapt to whatever a particular problem requires. Versatility, ingenuity, and grit are certainly the cornerstones of… Read More

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Erin Ryan

ERIN RYANASSOCIATE ATTORNEYLabor & EmploymentCivil RightsOffice: 716.854.3400 Email: I spent the first four years of my legal career as a public defender and was lucky to learn from committed, passionate coworkers who taught me what it means to be a good lawyer.   I gained extensive jury trial experience, defending against charges ranging from minor… Read More

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Chad Davenport

CHAD DAVENPORTASSOCIATEBusiness LitigationCivil RightsLabor & EmploymentOffice: (716) 854-3400 x226 Fax: (716) 332-0336 Email: I’ve always been good at memorizing facts, which is why I started off as a biology major. But a conversation with a friend set me on the path to law school, which ended up being a much better fit. I was… Read More

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