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Alyson Tufillaro

ALYSON TUFILLARO ASSOCIATE Business Litigation Campus Disciplinary Defense Office: 716.854.3400 x353 Fax: 716.322.0336 Email: LINKEDIN  Before law school, I lived in Italy and worked for a travel company, guiding students on trips around various European countries.  This experience taught me to be extremely flexible and creative in solving complex problems within the context of different personalities and… Read More

Timothy Noonan Jr.

TIMOTHY NOONAN JR. ASSOCIATE Civil Rights Campus Disciplinary Defense Office: 716.854.3400 x 230 Fax: 716.332.0336 Email: I believe that the legal system can – and should – be used to protect the rights of all individuals. This belief has always been the driving force behind my work, helping me to zealously and aggressively advocate for my clients,… Read More

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Chad Davenport

CHAD DAVENPORTASSOCIATEBusiness LitigationCivil RightsLabor & EmploymentOffice: (716) 854-3400 x226 Fax: (716) 332-0336 Email: I’ve always been good at memorizing facts, which is why I started off as a biology major. But a conversation with a friend set me on the path to law school, which ended up being a much better fit. I was… Read More

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