Three Common Divorce Myths Dispelled by Our Divorce & Family Law Attorneys.

Three Common Divorce Myths Dispelled by Our Divorce & Family Law Attorneys. - Rupp Baase - People at Law

Everyone knows someone who has gone through a divorce. Whether an uncle, someone from college, or a friend of a friend, most adults have fringe knowledge of the process, which can be enough to turn kernels of truth into fiction. Here, we set a few common divorce myths straight.

1. “I can’t afford to get divorced.” The vast majority of people are able to financially survive a divorce. The trick is understanding that to do so, you may have to change your lifestyle—for a little while, at least. Our Divorce & Family Law attorneys at Rupp Baase will be super straight with you on this point. We want to move you forward, onto better days, not backward.

2. “The woman always gets full custody.” This one’s a thing of the past. These days, courts recognize the importance of having both parents participate actively in raising their children. While each case has its own unique set of circumstances, the general trend is toward a joint shared custody arrangement. This is especially true when one party voices a desire to enjoy meaningful parenting time with the children and an ability to do so—even if historically he or she has not. One example: A parent who is the primary breadwinner while the other parent is the primary caretaker.

3. “I can’t leave my house. It’s abandonment.” The fact of the matter is that most people who leave the marital home do not meet the legal definition of abandonment. But that’s not to say that anyone considering moving out should do so without legal advice.

People who leave their home prior to or during a pending divorce action could be prevented (by a court) from returning to parent their children; given less time outside the home to parent their children; or directed to pay support or expenses to the spouse left behind, which makes it difficult—if not impossible—to meet their own living expenses.

In any case, guidelines, general rules, divorce myths and anything on the internet should be vetted by a divorce attorney, of which we have three—Beth, Mike, and Erica, who make up our Divorce & Family Law team. Tap here to get in touch.