Tony Rupp Speaks to GMA Giving His Civil Rights Clients a National Voice

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Tony Rupp Civil Rights attorney interviewed on GMA as he continues to hold those responsible accountable.

Jake Reinhardt and his fiancĂ©e, Taylor Schmieder were in shock when Buffalo police officer and bounty hunters from Bail Bond LLC arrived on their doorstep in the middle of the night. The bounty hunters were armed and pointed their guns at Reinhardt as they demanded to search his property. They were searching for Reinhardt’s brother who had jumped bail. The bounty hunters could not provide a search warrant but continues to enter and search the home anyways. While inside the home the bounty hunters also pointed their guns at Taylor Schmieder who was with the couple’s 3-year old daughter.

While the bounty hunters raided the property, Buffalo police officers waited outside, allowing the bounty hunters to preform this illegal search. The officers were caught on camera discussing that they did not know where the bounty hunters were from, yet they still allowed them to search the house. Reinhardt’s brother was not found on the property. Another officer is on video apologizing to the couple after the ordeal for the police’s involvement.

In response to this traumatizing experience, the couple is now suing both Bail Bonds LLC and the Buffalo police department. Tony Rupp, civil rights attorney, is representing them in this case. Tony spoke to Good Morning America reporter, Whit Johnson about the lawsuit. Hear the whole story here.