Tony Rupp Speaks to WIVB About the Trial Court Win, the Appellate Court Decision Delaying Celebration, and What Is Really at the Heart of the Matter.

Tony Rupp spoke to WIVB about a trial court win regarding a couples wedding during COVID-19.

 BLASDELL, N.Y. (WIVB)– Joe and Alysa Gryzbowski were originally going to get married at the Avanti Mansion, but they said all the uncertainty with not knowing how many people they could invite made them reconsider. The downside is the couple says they’re now out $7,000 dollars.

They made the choice to back out of their deal with the Avanti Mansion about two months ago. They say the venue wanted them to pay for their 200 plus guest list, the problem with that was only 50 people could ultimately attend their wedding reception. That’s based on New York state regulations. So the couple decided to have the wedding and reception at a family member’s home instead. But the venue won’t give them back their money.

“Why are we losing money for what we paid for when they can’t provide it. That was probably one of the hardest things that I read. I was upset about it,” Joe said.

Joe and Alysa aren’t the only couple facing challenges when it comes to their wedding. Earlier this week in a lawsuit filed in New York, two couples said the limit imposed by the state of 50 people at a wedding violated their rights. The couples also argued that while restaurants could reopen with a limit of 50% of their normal capacity, weddings are still limited to 50 people. That case won in trial court but the state requested what’s called a stay. Meaning that the couple cannot move forward despite the win.

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