Why hiring a lawyer for a campus misconduct proceeding is a good idea.

There’s no question about it: Campus misconduct proceedings can impact a student’s life long after their college days are over. While hiring a lawyer is far from mandatory, it can give students—and just as importantly, their parents—confidence going into an unknown situation. Here are some reasons why it’s a good idea to enlist representation

1. We know the drill. Lawyers are intimately familiar with procedures, which is an advantage in campus misconduct procedures, where each college’s process can differ. Attorneys are expertly trained in navigating these sorts of circumstantial nuances that can help students and their families use the details to their advantage.

2. We are evidence experts. Lawyers are accustomed to gathering, interpreting, and preserving documents and information from a variety of sources. When it comes to campus discipline cases, our first move is always sending the school an official written notice that ensures they’ll preserve any critical case evidence that may be beneficial in building your defense.

3. We enforce fairness. It’s not fair and it’s not right, but when a lawyer is involved, college and university representatives are more likely to listen. We’ve seen this happen countless times. A lawyer can help prevent even the most well-meaning school from taking advantage of a student’s position during the disciplinary process. We know how to leverage the process, the facts, and the law to help bring more balance to the proceedings.

4. We are advocates. Even if the changes proposed to Title IX are not adopted in full , we can help prepare a written statement and assist you with your testimony. Once the proceeding is underway, we’ll be by your side to help answer inquiries and raise critical evidentiary issues as things progress.

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