Attorney Spotlight: Ben Burge

Attorney Spotlight: Ben Burge

Get to know business law partner attorney Ben Burge.

Who is Ben as a lawyer?

Ben is a partner in our business law practice. He helps businesses with start-up, formation, operations, selling, and business succession.

Ben’s approach to law is to act as a business partner for his clients instead of just billing hours. He wants his clients to feel comfortable calling with anything. He feels that attorneys should view themselves as “business people who just happen to be lawyers” to give their clients the best service.

Why did Ben become a lawyer?

Ben never wanted to be a lawyer he thought being a lawyer would be too much paperwork. People around him always told him that he should be a lawyer but he never truly considered it until he took a job as a paralegal. It was during this time that he realized that he loves law. Ben’s favorite part of being a lawyer is putting the puzzle pieces together to form the right solution to help his clients.

Who is Ben outside of work?

Ben is an “ordinary guy”. He’s a bad golfer, but a great dad to his adorable daughter. He loves helping people. He is the incoming chair of Aspire, an organization that advocates for those with developmental disabilities and he is on the president’s council for the Bison Fund which gives children educational choice in Buffalo.

Watch the attorney spotlight video to learn more about who Ben Burge is as a lawyer, and outside of the office. If you own a business Ben’s legal tip is for you. No matter who you are you definitely want to hear about his most memorable case, it is quite an entertaining one.