Attorney Spotlight: Cory Weber

Attorney Spotlight: Cory Weber

Who is Cory as an attorney?

Cory is a partner in our insurance defense litigation group. Cory attended the University at Buffalo School of Law. After graduating he worked at the Erie County attorney’s office. Cory joined Rupp Baase Pfalzgraf Cunningham in 2012 and has been her ever since.

Why did Cory become a lawyer?

There wasn’t really an “a-ha” moment for Cory where he realized he wanted to be a lawyer. He just always wanted to be one. There was a brief time in college when Cory wanted to attend dental school. After just one chemistry class Cory got back on the path to becoming a lawyer.

What is Cory’s most memorable case?

Cory’s most memorable case happened early in his time at Rupp Baase. It wasn’t the actual case that was memorable but the clients. After Cory won their case they were so appreciative that they sent him a card and flowers. This has served as a great reminder to Cory throughout his career that although lawsuits are the day-to-day for him, they are life-altering events for most people. This affects how Cory handles client interactions today, he always tries to give them a sense of comfort as they navigate through a lawsuit.

Who is Cory outside of work?

Cory enjoys spending time with his family. He grew up camping with his parents and siblings so now he likes to take his family camping. Cory’s family can often be found camping in the Adirondacks, the Thousand Islands, and the Finger Lakes.

Check out the full video to hear Cory’s legal tip. If you own a small business you do not want to miss this tip.

Attorney Spotlight: Cory Weber