Attorney Spotlight: Elizabeth Holmes

Attorney Spotlight: Elizabeth Holmes

Who is Elizabeth Holmes as an attorney?

Liz is a partner in our project development and environmental group. She practices primarily in land use and zoning but also does other litigation.

As an attorney, she is a go-getter and a hard worker. She does not back down and fights vehemently for her clients. This attitude makes her successful and gives her clients a positive experience working with her. She credits having those traits to her family and mentors who have shaped who she is both professionally and personally.

Why did Elizabeth Holmes become an attorney?

Her mom would say it’s because she always loved to argue, which is true. And her now fiance would probably say the same thing. Liz has always had an interest in the law. She enjoys reading fact patterns and developing creative solutions to help her clients. Those creative solutions are what set her apart from other attorneys.

What is Elizabeth Holmes’ most memorable case?

Her most memorable cases are the ones where zoning hearings get very intense. At first, it was shocking to her how upset people can get in these meetings but now she tries to let it roll off her shoulders.

Who is Elizabeth Holmes outside of work?

Liz is a new mother, she has a 6-month-old daughter at home who she is loving spending time with. She is a fiancee, getting married in just a few weeks! She is a daughter, sister, aunt, and a dog mom. She loves to be outdoors with her dogs. She also loves the finer things in life, like eating and drinking. Although she’s been doing a lot less wining and dining since the arrival of her daughter.

What is Elizabeth Holmes’ legal tip?

“Ask for permission, not forgiveness” If you are starting any project related to your home or a business you own, or if you are making a home an AirBnB, make sure to check the local zoning codes beforehand.

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Attorney Spotlight: Elizabeth Holmes