Attorney Spotlight: Greg Gaglione

Attorney Spotlight: Greg Gaglione

Who is Greg as an attorney?

Greg is an associate at Rupp Baase. He practices business law and cybersecurity law. As a lawyer, Greg has an attention to detail and zealously advocates for his clients in any matter they encounter. Whether that is a business matter, a litigation matter, or anything else.

Why did Greg become a lawyer?

Greg was first introduced to the law as a child when his parents decided to adopt a child. Through the adoption process, Greg learned about how lawyers helped his family expand and grow. This is when Greg first considered becoming an attorney. Then in college, Greg studied economics and learned about business. He decided he wanted to marry the two and work in business law to help businesses through their legal issues.

What is Greg’s most memorable case?

Greg has a couple of memorable cases within the cybersecurity realm. A lot of the issues surrounding cybersecurity are kind of novel and cutting edge. Greg’s most memorable cases involve business email compromise. What is interesting about these cases is that often a business won’t even know that a hacker has been in their email. They find out in the most inopportune times like when a payment is due or they have funds taken from an account. These times of cases are very fast pace work as you try to determine liability, recoup money and get their business up and running again.

Who is Greg outside of work?

Outside of work, Greg is a husband and a father. He has a 1-year-old son, and another baby on the way. He loves spending time with his family. Greg likes to get outside as much as the weather permits. Greg also loves to root on his hometown teams. He was born and raised in Buffalo, NY so Greg enjoys attending Buffalo Bisons, Buffalo Bills, and Buffalo Sabres games.

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Attorney Spotlight: Greg Gaglione