Attorney Spotlight: Gregory Bitar

Attorney Spotlight: Gregory Bitar

Who is Greg as an attorney?

Greg is an associate in our property insurance litigation group.

Greg graduated from Brooklyn Law School and he has a certification in business law.

Why did Greg become an attorney?

Greg took a few pre-law classes in college that piqued his interest. When discussing it with his older brother, Chris (who also works at Rupp Pfalzgraf), he suggested that Greg try law school. This was the little push Greg needed.

What is Greg’s most memorable case?

Greg’s most memorable case is from early in his career. He had a client who had received a trash violation ticket. Greg looked up the city laws and discovered a law that states that a notice must be given before a ticket and a fine. He brought this to the judges and prosecutors attention and they did not know this law existed. The city then had to go back and change its entire procedure for how they give trash violation tickets.

Who is Greg outside of work?

Greg is a very active person. He loves sports, specifically golf, football, and basketball. He also enjoys spending time outdoors doing activities like hiking, skiing, fishing, and camping.

What is Greg’s legal tip?

When you are in some sort of accident or incident, a car accident for example. Leave everything how it is and take photos of it before moving anything. It is also best to get phone numbers from any witnesses.

Want to hear more from Greg? Check out the whole video interview.

Attorney Spotlight: Gregory Bitar