Attorney Spotlight: Jennifer Collesano

Attorney Spotlight: Jennifer Collesano

Who is Jennifer Collesano as an attorney?

Jennifer Collesano is a partner, of counsel attorney. She practices business litigation and business law.

Jen approaches legal problems by getting to know what is important to her clients. Jen often represents businesses, business owners, or key executives of a company. These people know their business best. Jen listens and tries to understand their business, perspective, and where they are trying to go. This allows Jen to hone in on solutions to their problems that help them reach their goals.

Why did Jennifer Collesano become an attorney?

When Jen enrolled in college she intended to be an English professor. By her sophomore year, she realized this wasn’t the right path for her. She decided to become an attorney because it would allow her to use creative problem-solving skills to help people. Jen’s father was an attorney who served the Buffalo community for 50 years. He is Jen’s role model for providing creative legal solutions to her clients.

What is Jennifer Collesano’s most memorable case?

Her most memorable case was one from when she was a young lawyer. It was a trial in Long Island involving a radioactive cleanup project. The trial had a little bit of everything a cranky judge, a big firm vs. a young lawyer, etc.

Who is Jennifer Collesano outside of work?

Jen loves to be outdoors and active in sports. She plays squash, is an expert skier, and is an off-shore sailer. She cares for two lovely children who are away at school. Jen lived in Annapolis, MD for a long time. She also has a very active social life with friends at the Saturn Club.

What is Jennifer Collesano’s legal tip?

Think of your lawyer as a partner. Don’t be afraid to call up your attorney with a unique question or concern that maybe you wouldn’t normally call a lawyer about. A lot of times this can result in some very creative solutions.

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Attorney Spotlight: Jennifer Collesano