Attorney Spotlight: Keli Iles-Hernandez

Attorney Spotlight: Keli Iles-Hernandez

Who is Keli as an attorney?

Keli is an associate at Rupp Baase. She practices divorce and family law, and fertility law. Keli’s background in working with kids in the foster care system has helped her develop an approach to family law that is really about helping the children as best she can. She also believes fully in counseling and connecting with her clients and always being upfront and honest.

Why did Keli become an attorney?

Keli previously worked with children in the foster care system. Prior to this work, she was unaware that children can have lawyers. She found this very interesting and decided to go to law school to be an advocate for children. Today Keli represents both children and adults in our family law practice group.

What is Keli’s most memorable case?

Keli’s most memorable case was her first private adoption. Keli’s clients had found a pregnant woman who wanted them to adopt the baby. There were a few concerns about where the adoption would happen during the pregnancy but it did. When the baby was born Keli learned that she was the one responsible for signing the baby out of the hospital. Keli still keeps in contact with the family today.

Who is Keli outside of work?

Outside of work, Keli enjoys spending time with her family and spending a lot of time outdoors. Keli loves gardening.

Make sure to check out the full video for Keli’s legal tip this is one you will want to hear, especially if you are considering a divorce.

Attorney Spotlight: Keli Iles-Hernandez